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About Bolognese
Bolognese, sometimes called Bichon Bolognese.
Pronounced “Bowl-Oh-Knees” or if you prefer more Italian flare “Bowl-Oh-Naise” as in mayonnaise.
Purebred, part of the Bichon group.
Originates from Bologna, Italy.

Toy size
Bolognese Weight: 5 to 9 pounds
Bolognese Height: 10 to 12 inches from the floor to the withers (high part of the back at the shoulder blades)
Square shaped – The length of the body from shoulder to buttock is equal to its height at the withers.

Looks like a precious stuffed toy!
Dark eyes with dark rims
Black button nose
Drop ears

Non-shedding and hypo-allergenic
Soft fluffy flocks or ringlets
Pure white, some champagne coloring on puppies
Hair stands off the body

Good with children and other pets, excellent family dog
Intelligent and highly trainable
Frisky outside but less active inside, adapts well to apartment living
Good guard dog
Loves companionship and is not a good dog for those who are gone from home a lot

Likes to take part in all family activities
Intuitive and eager to please
Merry, will entertain by making up his own games
Enjoys going for walks but is also very content to lie on his master's lap
Not yappy

Bolognese are healthy little dogs

Puppies for sale!

See our Puppy Pack page for information on what is included with one of our Beautiful Bolognese puppies.


How We Became Bolognese Dog Breeders

It all began with a search for a small non-shedding dog that would be excellent with children! Read About Us for the rest of the story on why we became breeders of these Beautiful Bolognese babies.

We enjoy being a Bolognese Dog Breeder!

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