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A Bolognese Puppy is music to the heart!

The Bolognese is described as an “Anti-Depressant Dog”. Read more to find out why!

Depression can be caused by feelings of sorrow, loneliness, stress, low self-esteem, poor health, or a combination of sources. These sources of depression can be alleviated by having a pet. The Bolognese breed has special characteristics which make it particularly suitable for combating depression.

The American Rare Breed Association classifies the Bolognese as a “companion” dog and states that “companion dogs have been a comfort to Kings and Queens over the years”. The Bolognese is especially known for his love and devotion to his owner and family. This breed loves companionship and truly enjoys being with people. This can be such a comfort to those who are feeling lonely or who have recently suffered the loss of a loved one. This precious dog prefers to follow his owner around the home rather than being left alone in a room. It is this special bond which enables the Bolognese to be such a help in combating sorrow and loneliness in depression.

Research has shown that petting a dog can lower a persons stress, heart rate, and blood pressure. When people pet a dog they feel better. The Bolognese has a beautiful soft white fluffy coat which absolutely invites physical touch. This coat is also odor free, hypo-allergenic and non-shedding. Because the Bolognese needs to be brushed often this provides another soothing opportunity for both owner and pet to connect. Bolognese love contact and attention, giving their owners plenty of time to de-stress with gentle loving touch.

In addition, laughter has been found to have many positive health benefits including stress reduction. Bolognese dogs make people laugh. These alert, playful dogs are known for making up their own fun games. They love to stand on their hind legs and wave their front paws in the air much like a one dog circus act. Bolognese are great entertainers with their responsive, cheerful dispositions. Their antics often bring smiles of delight and joyful laughter to their owners and families.

The Bolognese dog seems to know what his owner wants and is eager to please. This intuitive little dog offers love and unconditional acceptance which can aid those with low self-esteem. People are more willing to share their thoughts and feelings with this adorable pet than with others who may not offer approval. This allows the person with low self-esteem to verbalize and order his thoughts while receiving affection from this devoted companion.

Exercise and contact with the outside world are also excellent combatants against depression. The Bolognese enjoys going for walks and makes an easy conversation starter with others. This dog's unique, rare breed and playfulness often invite attention and approval a person may be lacking.

Dogs are often used in pet therapy for the elderly, children and even chemotherapy patients. The benefits of physical contact along with diverting attention from personal problems and relieving boredom can improve health and reduce depression. Because this precious pet must be taken out, walked, fed and brushed, it gives those who are depressed a happy reason to get up in the morning. The favorable Bolognese breed can give additional purpose and joy to those who are seeking comfort and relief from depression.

Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression,
But a good word makes it glad.
Proverbs 12:25


Loving Companion!

For more information on why Bolognese make great pets for the elderly see our Senior Adults page.


Bolognese are Happy Little Dogs!


This Bolognese Puppy is a special treasure!

Bolognese Dogs are Hypo-Allergenic and

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