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Beautiful Bolognese
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Beauty Hints

Bolognese have a luxurious pure white coat that is oh so soft to the touch!


Begin coat, nail, and dental care while your dog is still a puppy so he will be comfortable with grooming.



Brushing your Bolognese daily will keep his coat looking beautiful!



Your dogs food is the key to a healthier coat, less tearing, fresher breath and smaller stools. Make sure you feed a premium food that is high in protein. Dogs are carnivores so be sure to check the food label and make sure that meat is the top ingredient.


A metal greyhound comb is an easy and inexpensive way to keep mats and tangles out of the Bolognese coat.



To keep you dogs ears clean and healthy, remove the hair from inside your dogs ears. To do this, simply pinch the hair between your thumb and finger and pull the hair straight out.



You can help maintain you dogs healthy skin and coat and keep his nose looking darker by adding salmon oil to his diet. Check the label for the daily amount to be given.



Be sure to comb out any matted hair in your dogs coat before bathing him.

Bath Time


Brush you dogs teeth at least once a week to keep teeth healthy and breath fresher. Be sure to use toothpaste made for dogs.



Always clean your dogs ears after bathing them. Ask your vet to recommend an ear cleaning product (drops or powder) and to show you how to use it properly.


HINT #10

Use a whitening shampoo once a month to keep your dogs coat looking bright.



Beautiful Bolognese Coat

The Bolognese coat is gorgeous and is normally kept at its natural length for the show-ring. However, the coat may be kept in a shorter "puppy cut" if preferred.


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