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Big Yawn!

Puppy Kisses!



Hi, Homeschoolers!


My name is Hannah and I am homeschooled too! My mom and I thought of some fun things you can do!

Fun Things to do while waiting for a puppy:

1. Go to a dog show - you can find one by contacting your local dog training club.

2. Check with your library for books on agility training, therapy dogs, and dog grooming.

3. Make appointments to visit local veterinarians.

4. Use the internet to learn all you can about your breed of dog and how to care for him.

5. Visit breeders and ask lots of questions.

6. Make a list of items your dog will need and visit the pet store to check out prices and choices.

7. Set up an agility course using things at home, imagine what it would be like to coach a dog through the course and practice going through it yourself.


Homeschool Pets!

Bolognese are wonderful pets for homeschoolers! These fun little dogs love companionship making them the ideal pet for those who are home a lot.

Go to our About Us page to find out more about our homeschool family.


Beautiful Princess

This Bolognese Baby found a friend!

Homeschool Trivia Question

What year were Bolognese dogs brought to the United States? Find the answer on the Brief History page.


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