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Registering your precious new puppy can be confusing, especially when some breeders only speak "initialease". We want you to know that there are many options for registering your new Beautiful Bolognese puppy so read on for lots of helpful information to get you started!

Below is a brief description of a few well known Bolognese clubs and associations. However, you should be aware that you can also register with clubs and associations that are local to your area and interests. You can find those by contacting your local dog training clubs.

BBA, Bichon Bolognese Association of America, Inc.

The mission of the BBA is to "Support the development of an internationally recognized Bolognese by striving for AKC recognition that uses the Italian standard for breed excellence". They require a registration form, 3 generation pedigree and a $9.00 registration fee. Registering your Bolognese helps provide background information for litter registration, pedigree searches, and to keep track of the Bolognese that are currently in the US. You will receive an official certificate of registration.

AKC, American Kennel Club

Because the Bolognese is a rare and relatively new breed to the United States it is not yet fully recognized but is part of a special AKC program called the FSS.

FSS, Foundation Stock Service (An AKC breed registry)

By recording the birth and parentage of the Bolognese, the AKC is able to help establish this breed here in the US. The Bolognese has been recorded in the FSS since 1999. A fully recognized breed may result from the dogs in the foundation stock. As of January 1, 2008, Bolognese may compete in AKC companion events. They require an application, 3 generation pedigree from an acceptable registry, photos and $35 recording fee. They list the BBA as the contact for more information regarding Bolognese.

ARBA, American Rare Breed Association

The mission of the American Rare Breed Association is to "serve and protect the 'Rare Breed Dog' here in the United States". With an application, 3 generation pedigree and a $25.00 fee you can register your dog. ARBA does host shows and word has it that this is a friendly place for the novice to begin showing.

BCA, Bolognese Club of America

The Bolognese Club of America was founded and established in 1986 by Dorothy and Bert Goodale. For more information on the Goodale's see our Brief History page. You can check the BCA web site for registry information, they do send out a newsletter every other month to members.

UKC, United Kennel Club

You can register by submitting an application, copy of your dog’s registration certificate (from any UKC acknowledged registry such as the American Kennel Club, Canadian Kennel Club, Kennel Club of Great Britain or the Bolognese Club of America), 3 generation pedigree, and $35.00 fee. They have many dog events/shows including a Junior handler program for ages 2-18.

Healthy Pets!

Bolognese are extremely healthy dogs with no known major health problems! In addition to being healthy themselves they can also improve the health of others! To find out more see our Anti-Depressant Dog page. For more information on why Bolognese make great pets for the elderly see our Senior Adults page.


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