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Training Tips

Bolognese are

willing, responsive, obedient, intelligent,

eager to please and

easy to train!

Never Underestimate the Power of a Treat!
  • Bolognese respond eagerly to treats especially when combined with verbal praise and petting.
  • Treating your dog the second he has done something you want, like pottying outside, will let him know you are pleased with that behavior.
  • Cheese and soft meats make great treats but remember to think small, especially for puppies, half a cheerio size is plenty.

What's in a Name?

  • Something good!!! Always use your puppy's name in a positive way!
  • Let your puppy know that good things always happen when you use his name by treating, praising and petting him while saying his name. Later on, he will be so eager to obey when you add the word "come" after his name!

Pottying - Great News!

  • We have great news for you! We begin teaching your puppy to use a disposable puppy pad to potty on!
  • You may continue this training when your puppy arrives home by quickly placing him on the pad when he shows signs of needing to potty if he does not already run to it.
  • Some of the signs of needing to potty are running back and forth, circling, and sniffing.

Housebreaking Success- Keep a sharp eye out!

  • A dog can be housebroken much faster if the owner is consistent and keeps a sharp eye out for mistakes.
  • If you catch your dog "in the act" of going potty where he should not and give a firm "No!" then move him quickly to the correct place to potty and give lots of praise.
  • Remember that your dog wants to please you, so be patient and consistent.

Obedience and other Dog Training Classes...

  • Training classes are a great way for dog owner's to learn more about what motivates their dog and how to teach their dog a variety of positive behaviors.
  • Dog owner's often report enjoying their dog more and having a closer bond after attending classes.
  • There are many classes available: Obedience, Show/Confirmation, Agility, and Therapy Training to name a few.
  • Because of the excellent temperament of the Bolognese, they are often trained as therapy dogs and may work in nursing homes, schools, etc.

Eager to Please!

Bolognese are eager to please and learn quickly using positive reward methods. To see just what a dog can learn visit a dog show. They are so fun to watch and most are free to visitors. For more fun ideas see our Homeschoolers page.


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